The Linda Runyon Wild Food Homeschool Package contains the most comprehensive collection of first-hand, wild food information available for home use. This package consists of:


Wild Food Homeschool Teaching Guide

The Wild Food Homeschool Teaching Guide — The purpose of this Teaching Guide is to introduce the various component parts of the Package in an overview format so that the educator: 1) understands the scope of the wild food knowledge provided, and can then 2) work out plans for each student at that student’s interest and ability level.

The Teaching Guide presents study steps, such as wild food identification, which are followed by suggested fun activities, such as children locating a wild edible plant near their home and then including it in a meal to share with family and friends. The result of a thorough, practical wild food education is the understanding that free food is all around us, once we know how to look.




Purchase The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide in a separate tab or window.The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide — The book that started it all, and which has been at the forefront of the upsurge in wild food interest and enthusiasm recently. Based on Linda’s experiences of living in the wilderness for years, this 320-page, jam-packed book explains the ins and outs of wild food survival by the one who lived it. Details are provided on how to identify, gather, prepare, store and enjoy a nutritious and renewable resource. The book is full of data, charts, nutritional breakdowns, and a poisonous look-alike section. There are many clear black and white photos as well as line drawings for identification, and when you gather your bounty, there are even tried and tested recipes, which students will love to make!



Purchase the Wild Food Identification Guide in a separate tab or window.
Wild Food Identification Guide — Identification is key in wild food foraging, and large, color photographs that clearly show the characteristics of the plant are absolutely essential. The color photographs in our Wild Food Identification Guide are 6 inches x 4 ½ inches for each of the 60 most common wild plants that are featured in Linda’s materials, and which are found world wide. Clear drawings are included for each plant, as are its natural habitat, as well as individual plant characteristics such as plant height, color of any blossoms, leaf shape, etc.  Any cautions associated with a plant are also provided. Any cautions associated with a plant are also provided.



Purchase Master Class on Wild Food Survival in a separate tab or window.Linda Runyon’s Master Class on Wild Food Survival DVD — Linda taught thousands of people in her wild food classes, including many of the most successful foragers teaching today. This 3-hour DVD contains the key information that she felt was the most important for foragers of all ages to understand. Each of the 60 most common wild plants is discussed in detail, along with additional helpful information on storage and preparation. Included with the DVD is our 46-page Transcript and Glossary. Specific plants or sections of the DVD can be selected for viewing, or the entire DVD can be watched in one sitting.



Purchase Homestead Memories in a separate tab or window.Homestead Memories — Linda had quite a number of wild and interesting adventures during her homesteading days, and 65 of them are included in this self-illustrated book. Children will be entertained by the stories, such as the time her hair stuck to the house wall in 20-degree-below-zero-weather, or the one where the wild raccoon sat on her head, and then there’s the time she was face to face with a hungry bear and how she got out of that one! Throughout the book runs the thread of surviving off the bounty of the land, and how persistence and humor help you appreciate the many surprises, and gifts, of nature.



Purchase Wild Foods and Animals Coloring Book in a separate tab or window.Wild Foods and Animals coloring book — This big 8½” x 11″ 24-page coloring book is for younger children. Only the safest wild edible foods are represented, along with an animal local to the plant’s habitat. The full-page line drawings have been done by Linda herself, and are accompanied by simple descriptions of the plants, how they are used, and their Latin names. The back cover can be cut up into flashcards so more identification games can be played! Lots of fun for the younger child. Saddle bound with heavy cover.



Purchase Wild Cards in a separate tab or window.“Wild Cards” — This is Linda’s tremendously popular deck of wild cards. In addition to the plant photo on the back is an inset line drawing of the plant, and a chart showing its natural US and Canadian habitat. On the face is a compact listing of the plant’s aliases, its edible parts and characteristics, with notes, uses and hints, and when needed, warnings. There are also traditional card markings so the deck may be used as regular playing cards. There is a hole through the upper corner of the cards by which the deck is fastened together with a ball chain. Kids will love having these cards and can use them for any regular card game, and for wild food identification games! The card deck can be easily fit into a pocket or backpack.



Purchase Eat the TREES! in a separate tab or window.Eat the TREES! — There were times when Linda’s very survival depended on her knowledge of edible trees, and the nourishment she could get from them. Linda taught herself which parts of certain trees could safely be consumed, and she even learned how to use tree bark as flour for baking. Tips on how to harvest the various edible tree parts are provided, along with key storage information.  Students will enjoy making their own twig popsicles, pine needle tea, birch survival strips, willow baskets, balsam wreaths, etc. They will find out how some trees can help heal the body, plus lots of additional valuable information about trees.



Purchase Promote Wild Food Certainty through Walks in a separate tab or window.Promote Wild Food Certainty through Plant Identification Walks Linda wanted to develop a way to present an exhibit of various flourishing edible plants in a central location so that many people could come to visit and learn wild food identification. What she came up with was her wild food “walks”, and it became her most successful and effective teaching tool. Using the data in this book, students can set up their own walks and make them as small or as large as resources permit, from a plot of a few wild plants to a large community area with many wild plant exhibits for people to view and learn about.



Purchase the Solar Food Dehydrator course in a separate tab or window.“So You Want to Build a Solar Food Dehydrator” pdf course. — This is our informative and highly entertaining pdf course on the ins and outs (and ups and downs, literally) of building a working solar food dehydrator. A number of videos are included which show some of the “do’s” and many of the “don’ts” of constructing an effective dehydrator.  Detailed graphs are included to show the specifics of airflow in and out, and the most effective way to construct a solar food dehydrator for maximum benefit.  This item is sent as an email attachment upon purchase of the Wild Food Homeschool Package.



The Wild Food Homeschool Package includes all of these things.  If you were to get each one individually, it would cost $142.50, but you save $50 by getting them together.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The lessons and activities that comprise the Wild Food Homeschool Teaching Guide refer specifically to those of Linda’s wild food materials, so you will need each of them.  If there are any you don’t have yet but you have some of them, you should make up the difference in the Products section. By clicking on the products above, you can get what you need. Teaching children to be competent with wild food, while encouraging the fun, adventurous aspect of it, is best attained through reliable and thorough materials, and that is what you will have in this Wild Food Homeschool Package!

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