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1. Linda Runyon's newest book has arrived ---


Promote Wild Food Certainty through
Plant Identification Walks

New book cover

Using wild food can be a slow subject to learn. The very word "foraging" means: "Searching widely for food or provisions." Getting folks started quickly is the key.

What if you could concentrate the learning and discovery into one place and time, igniting interest and ability in a mere hour or two?

You can! That's what Linda's new 174 page full-color book is all about.

From the back cover:

"The benefits of foraging wild food are relatively well-known: nutritious food, free for the taking, can be found far and wide. But how can a community's needs be addressed, especially with no teacher in sight? How does the one guide the many?

"Renowned wild food teacher Linda Runyon releases her methods in her new book, Promote Wild Food Certainty through Plant Identification Walks. By grooming an orderly outdoor exhibit of wild edible food in a clear, indexed sequence, Linda established a dozen different self-guided wild food tours in formats both large and small. She used these walks to seed interest in foraging and promote identification certainty the easy way. Here, she shares her knowledge, hard-won from trial and error, so ANYONE can achieve those educational results with ease while avoiding the pitfalls.

"A HIDDEN BONUS: Because Linda uses cultivation techniques to make her walks, she covers wild food farming, too! With a minimal effort, you too can kick Mother Nature into overdrive and make a camouflaged Supermarket appear right in your own back yard! With the searching and trekking gone and a harvest routine established, you can produce food like crazy and put up a few winter's supply in no time flat.

"Become part of the solution today and eliminate fear while starvation-proofing your loved ones!"

This time, there are more reasons than usual to get a book than ever before. Get it now in Linda's online store. But first, you may want to know:

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