What did our ancestors eat?

Wild Food is Everywhere

Wild food is the most prolific, fast-growing food there is. Wild food is FRESH. It doesn’t sit in the field for 8 to 10 weeks being fertilized and sprayed with pesticides, accumulating toxins, and it’s NOT Genetically Altered.

Wild Food is not only practically free of any contamination or adulteration, it is FREE for the taking. Wild food is nutrition-rich. In fact, even small supplements of wild food are valuable as nutrition, sustenance, and even the natural detoxification of the body.  Once skilled, you could include wild food in just about every dish in some way, and nobody would even know if you didn’t tell them!

We’ll show you how to identify, harvest, prepare, eat & store Wild Food. Ounce for ounce, it has more nutrition than anything you can buy in the supermarket. Wild food is nature’s dependable, safe food.

It’s here! Announcing
Promote Wild Food Certainty
through Plant Identification Walks

Promote Wild Food Certainty through Plant Identification Walks

 We are very excited to announce that Linda has released a new book: Promote Wild Food Certainty through Plant Identification Walks.

This is something about which there’s a lot to know, and there’s also a big bonus for folks looking to supercharge their food storage efforts for next to nothing!  Unless you’ve ever been to one of Linda’s walks (which is an installation, not walking around with Linda) it’s safe to say that this is all new to you.

The topic hiding in there within that can immensely benefit you and your immediate family or group? Wild food cultivation!

Read More and see a preview of the book!

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There are many things here to explore.

  • The Forager’s Forum is a way for foragers to discuss Wild Food topics with each other, to share your knowledge, and Linda may chime in from time to time.  She frequently posts on the Forum.
  • Linda is working on yet another new book, so she is having a busy “retirement”  Follow her updates in Linda’s News.
  • The Learning Resources store is a new entity unto itself, allowing detailed description and rich media, coupons & direct checkout and features that make it easier to serve you. Linda’s products represent a comprehensive system of getting to know & use a core sampling of 50 or so plants that are available everywhere.  She’ll make you a wild foodie in no time.

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The purpose of this site is to help you begin to seek your own free life, should you wish to do so. Bear in mind, however, that the process of living and eating free (and deliciously!) does not happen overnight. Linda found this out after years of existence in the Adirondack wilderness.

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Linda’s story begins when she discovered, as a child in the Adirondack wild, that wild clover, yarrow, and wintergreen were really good to eat! As she grew, so grew her knowledge of the abundant wild flora in her beloved mountains.

In 1972, Linda decided to homestead in the wilderness with her family. Her ability to recognize and use wild plants added immeasurably to her successful survival. By adapting to a diet of wild vegetables, herbs, fruits and nuts, she carved out a niche for herself among women pioneers reliant on Nature.

It would be after a time of struggle and hardship, and experimenting with tastes, textures and plant availability, that Linda would become an accomplished and expert preparer of savory edible wild foods, such as tasty malva wraps, crabgrass muffins or pine needle tea.

Pauls In 1986, Linda moved to Glendale in Phoenix, Arizona to take care of her parents in Sun City West, Arizona. She lived there for 13 years, until 1999, eating off the desert and leading wild food walks with her friend, Willie Whitefeather. Her guide books document all these years and include her experiences, photos, recipes, and favorite wild plants. (See Products.)

Linda Runyon has gone on to share her wide-ranging experiences and knowledge of wild foods with a growing following: visitors to this web site, classes attending plant identification walks and lectures (now infrequent), and fans of her books, videos & newsletters.



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