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Speaking of amazing, we have a new spinning globe on the front page that shows every hit in real time. I’m writing this so we remember when we started it.

Even though it is after Thanksgiving, I picked a bagful of malva leaves for 6
meals, or, to dry.

Dr. James Duke supplied the nutritional information in The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide, and is a botanist and authority on healing herbs, and has worked with the USDA.

Field Journal

A modest manifesto

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* Field Journal

American citizens are being poisoned by the AMA and FDA, genuflecting to the pharmaceutical industry, which tells us that drugs cure and herbs and supplements are dangerous. In truth, pharmaceuticals kill more than 100,000 a year; herbs kill fewer than 100. There are inexpensive foods for preventing most major diseases and cheap and healthy herbs for treating almost every disease. If the AMA and FDA are really here to protect us, why don’t they compare these things clinically with placebo and their poisonous pharmaceuticals. — Dr. James Duke

via Field Journal | Dr. Duke’s Green Pharmacy.

Today I received an ad for a complete off-the-grid living: “30 acres, a 12′ x 26′ cabin and wind powered electric. It comes with a 12′ x 40′ prepared garden plot, fresh water with natural water filtration. Appliances included. 6 miles from shopping & medical, and it’s directly across from the Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan. Only $69,900 complete!”

Contact Dr. Chad Wasson, 630-862-6017

Sounds good.  Anyone interested? Call the number!

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