We are announcing a free video channel featuring Wild Food Expert Linda Runyon!

One video is complete and there are many more in the pipeline, so go to the Official Wild Food Company YouTube channel and subscribe to be notified as new videos are released.

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While you’re there, please watch our first video (or watch it below). It was made from one of Linda’s excellent radio shows with George Whitehurst Berry. The information is timeless, and is often not found in Linda’s books & materials.

Episode 1 of “Linda Runyon Radio” is titled “Teaching Wild Food to Children” and serves as a nice introduction to wild food.


After you’ve watched, please go to the YouTube page and subscribe, like (with the thumbs up) and leave a nice comment to start the ball rolling right. Share it on Facebook if you have an account.

It’s a labor of love for us, and you can help us reach a wider audience the way many of you found Linda — through her excellent radio presentations.

Please add us to your blogs, share the video links on the forums you frequent and generally share it with the world-– people are starving in places where they are walking on their food.

Thank you!

The OfTheField.com team on behalf of Linda Runyon

PS- Don’t forget to ‘like’ the video and subscribe! Thanks ;-

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