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  • wokman:

    You can also access George and Linda’s radio broadcasts through the Foragers Forum link at the left column. Just scroll down forum topics to “Radio Shows”, open and select show by broadcast date and topic to listen on you browsers default media player – or you can download and listen later.

  • selman:

    I wanted to add this as my comment today. Since I have discovered the world of edible plants, my husband and I have begun to circulate this information to all of our churches in the upper Idaho panhandle area . Each week we visit a new ward of our church and we bring each presiding Bishopric a packet with all of Linda’s wild cards along with the page of their harvest time and edible parts. We have 9 cards copied on 5 pages on one side, and the card backs on the other so each plant is explained fully. Through this effort we hope to spread the idea that a family food storage program can be achieved even in times of job loss and want, simply by harvesting your local wild edible plants. By presenting this to each area church, we advertize not only the new concept of food from foraging but Linda’s website as well in aiding their further education. We are finding that our food supply is not only contaminated by chemicals, but is also nutritionaly laxed from genitic engineering . By incorperating edible plants, supplimenting our diet we come up with a means of manintaining good health .
    I challenge all forum members, when you can, take this information to your churches and synagogs and sit down with the parish preaches , ministers and bishops to encourage their members in preparation…..simply by taking nature walks with a pillow case and a handy book or deck of cards which Linda sells.
    Since many families are suffering from job and home losses, free food from “Mother Natures Pantry” can give hope to those who are facing financial trials . The more food prices sky rocket, the greater the need for free food from the forest and meadows. My husband and I will be visiting every church in our area until the snow flies again in hopes to educate their church leaders , to allow this valuable information to trickle down to the individual members and their families.
    The idea of edible plants and inner tree bark could have been the very means for the Donna(sp) party back in the 1800’s to survive their terrible ordeal crossing the Rockies….But instead, most of them died while a buffett of edible tree bark and roots lay queitly beneath the snow around them.
    Thank you Linda, for your years of research, trial and error, and finally the bringing forth of this great work.
    Jean selman

  • sgarbel:

    Does this book have discriptions and a foraging guide of edible trees in the US or is it about Linda growing up.

  • Eric Conover:

    Hi- thanks for asking. The book covers the trees that were important to Linda’s experiences in her homesteading years: pine, birch, balsam fir, maple, willow & beech. It absolutely covers descriptions and serves as a guide to foraging these important plants. Edible parts, harvest tips, processing, nutrition information, uses & ideas are also covered. Linda always shares her stories about her past, and for those who love them, she doesn’t disappoint in this book either. Also included is a study guide for self-study or home schooling that will really serve to increase familiarity with these majestic food sources.

  • karmijohn:

    Love, love my first newsletter. Eagerly look forward to upcoming issues

  • Rob2015:

    I can’t thank you enough for archiving and posting these shows, fantastic.

  • Rob2015:

    Hi, can anyone tell me the name of the intro song used in these radio shows? I’m not having much luck with Google.

  • Rob2015:

    Hi Eric thanks for replying, that may help but I noticed he uses a different intro track in his earlier shows, I’m after the one he used for the later shows, with a guy singing about gold. If that’s from a western I’m sure I can track it down.
    Also, I just want to thank you and Linda for the work you have done, I have bought most of the books and the cards and I thoroughly enjoy them – very educational. I live in the UK and I have found most of the top plants just growing around me, it’s great feeling being able to instantly recognize ‘weeds’ knowing how to eat them or medicinally, it’s like an awakening. I’m also planning a wild food walk at a local community center.
    Hope your mom is OK, I’m guessing she’s fully retired now. Anyway, thanks again. Rob.

    • Eric Conover:

      Thanks for your kind comments, Rob! It IS an awakening, isn’t it? If you’re planning a walk, THE book for that is How to Promote Wild Food through . . ., but you probably already have that one.

      Mom is fully retired now, but she’s in reasonable health and enjoying her retirement in an assisted living facility.

      You’re welcome for the shows- they are a treasure, aren’t they? Let me know if you find out what song exactly, as many would probably want to know!

  • Rob2015:

    So sad to read this, I was listening to her radio shows again on my phone at work all week, I just love her enthusiasm in those shows and the experiences she shares. I really wish I had met her, her books are a true inspiration to me, I have an allotment here in the UK on which I purposefully cultivate ‘weeds’ like lambs quarters, malva, dandelion and plantain, the same plants which everyone around me are desperate to get rid off on their plots. Lambs quarters sag aloo or a chicken and amaranth jalfrezi are firm favourites in my household. This year im focusing on Chinese recipes and wild foods, I just love Asian food.
    It’s was Linda’s books that showed me how to make flours out of plants, my fussy kids have no idea they have been eating weeds in every meal I can sneak it into, one day I’ll tell them.
    My condolences to her family.
    RIP Linda, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

    • Eric Conover:

      Thank you, Rob2015, for your comment. It means a lot. I am just now able to face announcing this sad news broadly, by email, and this weekend we are holding a memorial in Indian Lake, NY.

      Keep innovating! That’s how Mom did it, and it’s how it’s done. Your Indian and Chinese dishes sound like they should be shared broadly! Let us know when you have a pile of them and we’ll publish a cookbook or a 2nd edition of TEWFSG with your creations in it!

    • BKJ:

      When receiving my last newsletter, I noticed the words “Linda Runyon’s son”. So I quickly emailed back, and asked, was Linda ok? After all, I knew she was up there in age. I was almost excited to open my email today, and see I had a reply. The excitement faded quickly as I read what Eric had written me. As a man who never cries about anything, I admit, it was very hard to hold back. I admired Linda so much.
      The day before my 51st birthday, we all lost a much underappreciated human being, a human being who has shared something with the world, for the good of mankind (this is rare these days). I have never met Linda ever. But reading her work, and listening to some of her radio interviews on you tube, I felt like I have known her my whole life. This is the type of person I would have loved to have as a neighbor.
      God has sent prophets and angels down to help show us the way. These beings have showed us how to live, how to treat others, and what we should eat, among other things. I still believe god sends these beings to us. Linda has always seemed to me, like an angel sent from above. Perhaps she really was.
      Thank you Linda for everything you have taught me. I am a better man for knowing your work, your lessons, and your life stories. You shall be greatly missed. Rest in peace.

  • Linda was a great friend, foraging teacher, author, and inspiration. She’ll be missed by all the thousands of people whose hearts she touched.

  • donna:

    When I first got my copy of “The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide”, I just could not get enough of it. I read it each night before falling asleep for two winters, memorizing passages and planning for spring. I have suggested this book to countless folks as the best starter book for wild edibles on the planet. I felt close to Linda R thru her words. Her life has been and will continue to be an inspiration to me. Condolences to you and your family, but surely you know how much this woman is loved. Thank you for continuing to get her work out there.

  • mokaim:

    I have her “Essential Wild Food Survival Guide” and have been receiving her emails for years.

    She will be greatly missed.

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