No matter what can go wrong, if you'll just work with us, we will strive to it right.

The first step is to communicate with us! Since we don't have offices that we can leave & we need to have both a life and a business, the phone number given is for an excellent answering service. Not only can they assist you in placing an order but they can take a message if you should need assistance.

But since you are online, we prefer that you use the contact form under the "contact us" tab above. It's faster. If we can get back by to you by email as well, that's ideal. If you really need to speak to a human, there's 2 things to know:

  1. The answering service can't help you directly, but they take a mean message.
  2. We will need your email and/or phone number.

Many have been the times that someone will try to get us via the service and won't leave a number or an email, over & over. Frankly, that won't work. So either leave your number with your message, or go with email via the contact form.

If you'd rather, you can use this email (but you have to put it together): rosary (at) ofthefield (dot) com . The form is there so you don't have to figure this out, but evil spambots troll the 'net looking for email addresses to harvest, and we will not be had, thank you.

FYI, when ordering, know that the internet is more secure than phone due to nature of phone lines vs. digital encryption, so you're better off placing your order right here, online.

Everything usually goes well and you will probably never read this page, but if you're here, just know that we can cooperate to right any wrong that has arisen. Together we can make it go right!