Return Policy

Thousands of satisfied customers will tell you: you get good, quality materials from us.

Having said that, let us be frank: information is our stock in trade. Once you have the information, it's yours.

We keep our end of the bargain, so we just ask that you keep yours: decide and either buy or not. If there is a problem with your order, rest assured we will make it right. You know what you're getting up front, and you will get it, top quality!

We have encountered the enemy of any small business before: the scammer. If that's you, please go to the library or elsewhere. We're a small group hardworking people on a mission, and we strive to keep our prices low. This stuff costs money and we have held our prices - even though the recession dictates we do otherwise - because we want to help people during hard times.

We can't absorb any loss, so aside from doing our duty and making the very infrequent bad order right, these materials are not "guaranteed" for satisfaction or passing fancies. They are what we say they are. They're the real deal, but they are "as is".

Thousands have praised this stuff, and you probably will, too, so take a chance! Enjoy :-)