How will you ship my stuff?

Quickly! We use Fulfillment By Amazon to store and ship all of Linda's various Wild Food products. This allows us to keep on top of the quantity of orders that come in to us for her survival materials.

How fast does it ship?

Amazon provides an amazing service to us in this regard.  However, they do maintain warehouses all over the country and will occasionally store and ship items from separate warehouses.

So, does that mean I'll get several packages?

Such may be the case with your order.  Ideally, the materials will arrive all in one package, but it is possible that there may be more than one.  We won't know until we receive the shipping information from Amazon. Frequently by that time, the materials are already on their way or actually arriving at their destination. 

What about your shipping rates?

Our policy is to charge you the shipping and handling cost-- no more, no less. Our goal is to get your goods to you quickly at the most reasonable cost possible.