Privacy Policy

Your private information is never in jeopardy. We strongly believe that any private information is given in trust and is only to be used "as needed" to get you what you need & want.

We will never, and I mean NEVER, sell, give, loan or otherwise disclose any of your personal data, including your email address, to any third party.  Your info's going nowhere. In addition to sending your orders and newsletters, we occasionally run sales and inform you of them.

We do not keep credit card data on file; therefore it cannot be hacked. That simple.

Your personal data and identifying information is either kept on your own computer (cookies, so we know you are you), or transferred between our machines using state-of-the-art encryption technology. Therefore, if any data is ever intercepted by a third party, it will only take them a million years or so to decrypt it using existing means. After that, it won't matter much.

Bad Medicine

Still not impressed?

OK, here's the nitty gritty: In a perfect world, you give minimal data and you still receive your stuff. We get that, but there's a problem: it's not a perfect world. Stuff goes wrong all the time, & it's stuff we can't control.

Our commitment is to you, the customer. We'd wash your windshield & check your oil if we could.

When it comes time to make things right because something went wrong, then we will need to contact you as quickly as possible. We've been here before.

We try the email: you put a bogus email in the form. Been there, done that, but we only figure that out when you don't reply 5 times and then we find the bounceback a week later.

Nevermind, we'll use the phone. But that's bogus too, however we don't find that out until we reach the human who didn't return our messages because it was a wrong number.

So we send a postcard. You'll get that soon, I'm sure.

Now, it's 3 1/2 weeks later & you're suddenly frantic because you've just realized you didn't get your stuff. Welcome to our world, because we've been frantic for 3 1/2 weeks!  Meantime, your order has been delivered to your old address, or it's on it's way back to us, or is lost forever.

No email address?

Get a free one: Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, or check here for 1.3 billion more. You can cancel it when you receive your order.

Moral of the story: Please give us good data or suffer the delays & costs or worse.

We end up having more troubles with bad emails, addresses & phone numbers than financial stuff, and that ends up being because our customer is worried about security, thereby compounding a problem.

It's not like we want your Social Security Number or a DNA sample.

Let's end with a statistic we've collected: almost 100% of the problems we have encountered over the years with ecommerce originated with the customer. They're usually the same people who go nuclear when the problem they've caused hits. What's more, most of the time they never intended to cause a problem, but expect us to make it right, even at a loss.

Our mistake, we pay. Intermediary mistake, we pay. Your mistake, you pay.

Fill out everything and check it, please.

Thank you.