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The Wild Food Knowledge Package
Only $62.50


If you don't already have any of Linda's materials, this is your chance to get a great deal-- the Wild Food Knowledge Package.

It consists of her main book, The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide, her NEW Wild Food Identification Guide, her Wild Cards wild food identification deck, and her 3 hour Linda Runyon's Master Class DVD. Read the individual product descriptions to know more about each product.

Purchased as a package for $62.50, you save $20.50 over buying each item individually. What a savings!

The Guides Package

Only $36.00


These books were literally made for each other.
The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide and the Wild Food Identification Guide work together like hand in glove. We admit it: our product line was weak in the identification department. In the beginning, to bring the book to you at a reasonable price, the decision was made to nix the color photos in The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide for an all black & white interior.
The mission was accomplished, and folks could use the WildCards to fill the gap, but what they gained in portability, they lost in size and detail as far as identification was concerned. We can say with confidence that is is our best identification reference yet, and you won't be sorry taking advantage of the savings when you buy this dynamic duo together.

Save $4.50 over buying each individually at the everyday price.
The Whole Enchilada Package

Only $96.75

Save $36.50 instead of purchasing each individuallly!

The Whole Enchilada Package is the most economical way to get Linda's materials. The package includes:
  • The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide
  • The Wild Food Identification Guide
  • Linda Runyon's Wild Cards
  • Linda Runyon's Master Class on Wild Food Survival DVD with Transcript & Glossary
  • Eat the Trees!
  • A Survival Acre
  • Homestead Memories
  • Wild Foods & Animals Coloring Book
And get the 4 page: "How To Build a Quality Drying Rack!", exclusive to this package alone! Linda's best deal.

The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide
Only $22.00

The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide

If you can have only one resource, this is the one to have. Linda Runyon lived off of the land in the wilderness for years, feeding her family with wild edible plants. She has paid her dues and learned the hard way so you don't have to. With this book, you will learn how to see and use the abundance that surrounds us everywhere plants grow. You won't look at the world the same way again, and you will never fear hunger.

The book is 320 jam-packed pages, profusely illustrated by the author. You will learn how to identify, gather, prepare, store and enjoy an endlessly nutritious and renewable resource! The book is full of data, charts, nutritional breakdowns, and a poisonous look-alike section. There are many clear black & white photos as well as line drawings for identification, and when you gather your bounty, there's even tried and tested recipes.

The majority of the plants are found in ALL 50 states, Canada, and, indeed, most of the world. A few are unique to the East or the West United States.

Opinion leaders in this subject agree that Linda is the teacher and this is the book. Linda teaches her subject with authority. Her experience of homesteading without stores, electricity and modern conveniences brought about the creation of this ultimate wild food survival guide!

Formerly released as From Crabgrass Muffins to Pine Needle Tea, The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide is new & improved. Besides being far less expensive, differences from the earlier edition include a larger, easier-to-read format, clearer improved graphics throughout and an expanded recipe section. The photographs of the wild foods are there to study in clear black & white. It will become your valuable companion on the path to healthful living.

The Wild Food Identification Guide
Only $18.50


Linda Runyon's Wild Food Identification Guide is the perfect complement to her field guide to wild edible food, The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide.  Small enough to slip into your day pack, it has the color photos, drawings and identification details to find what you're looking for in nature's supermarket.  Linda covers the 60 plants featured in her material which are found almost everywhere, a few even found in the desert!  6" x 9" perfect bound, full color.

Wild Cards!
Only $12.50

Wild Cards!

WILD CARDS® are a great tool to use when you are learning the identification, attributes & uses of Wild Foods. Linda's core 52 wild edible plants are printed in brilliant color and clarity on the backs of the cards. The cards contain the crucial info needed to deal with an unexpected emergency or survival situation in which knowledge of edible wild plants could save your life.

In addition to the photo on the back is an inset line drawing of the plant, and a chart showing its natural US & Canadian habitat. On the face is a compact listing of the plant's aliases, its edible parts and characteristics, with notes, uses & hints, and when needed, warnings. There are also traditional card markings so the deck may be used as regular playing cards. There is a hole through the upper corner of the cards by which the deck is fastened together with a ball chain.

You will find the majority of these plants in all 50 states, and, indeed, in most of the world. A few are unique to the Eastern or the Western US.

WILD CARDS® fit easily in a pocket or pack to go with you camping or hiking. Use them as flashcards to enhance your learning & help you to immediately spot this food in the wild. Soon you will see it everywhere!

WILD CARDS® are designed to be used by themselves, but they make a wonderful color companion to Linda's book The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide. They make great gifts.

Linda Runyon's Master Class on Wild Food Survival
Only $30.00

Linda Runyon's Master Class on Wild Food Survival

In this 3 hour DVD, Linda Runyon gives you first-hand experience and expertise in the primitive art of foraging for Wild Edible Food. This valuable resource compliments Linda's other materials perfectly. Linda is the real deal because she lived it.

In your one-on-one Master Class, you will receive the same insider data that Linda has taught to many thousands of people, from the complete beginner to the seasoned expert. Linda has even taught most of the other teachers in this subject today at one time or another!

Included with the DVD is a 70 page transcript & glossary, a bonus in a power outage!

Linda's core plants are covered. You will find the majority of these plants in all 50 states, and, indeed, in most of the world. A few are unique to the Eastern or the Western US.

Jumpstart your learning with Linda Runyon's Master Class on Wild Food Survival DVD!

Eat the Trees!
Only $16.50

Eat the Trees! cover

Our second newest book-- Learn to Eat the Trees!

Read what Linda has to say about this book.  It means so much to her, and we're sure it will come to mean the same to you if you travel this path.

Linda Runyon "roughed it" in a homestead in the Adirondacks for many years, learning to depend on the land to provide her family's sustenance.  The very trees around her became at once a source of food, inspiration and other survival needs.

Let Linda show you this way of life through instruction and anecdote so that you, too, may find the sustenance you need from the trees.

Black & white Perfect Bound, 98 pages profusely illustrated.  Includes a study guide for greater certainty and confidence.

Promote Wild Food Certainty through Plant Identification Walks
Only $18.50
Promote Wild Food Certainty cover

Using wild food can be a slow subject to learn.  The very word "foraging" means: "Searching widely for food or provisions."   Getting folks started quickly is the key. What if you could concentrate the learning and realizations in one localized space and time and ignite interest and ability in an hour or two?

You can!  From the back cover:

"The benefits of foraging wild food are relatively well-known: nutritious food, free for the taking, can be found far and wide. But how can a community's needs be addressed, especially with no teacher in sight?  How does the one guide the many?

"Renowned wild food teacher Linda Runyon releases her methods in her new book, Promote Wild Food Certainty through Plant Identification Walks. By grooming an orderly outdoor exhibit of wild edible food in a clear, indexed sequence, Linda established a dozen different self-guided wild food tours in formats both large and small. She used these walks to seed interest in foraging and promote identification certainty the easy way. Here, she shares her knowledge, hard-won from trial and error, so ANYONE can achieve those educational results with ease while avoiding the pitfalls.

"A HIDDEN BONUS: Because Linda uses cultivation techniques to make her walks, she covers wild food farming, too!  With a minimal effort, you too can kick Mother Nature into overdrive and make a camouflaged Supermarket appear right in your own back yard!  With the searching and trekking gone and a harvest routine established, you can produce food like crazy and put up a few winter's supply in no time flat.

"Become part of the solution today and eliminate fear while starvation-proofing your loved ones!"

This time, there's more reasons to get a book than ever before.  Get it now, on sale during our introduction. Use coupon code "NoEndYet" during checkout.

174 pages, profusely illustrated with color photos & b&w drawings by Linda.

A Survival Acre
Only $15.00

A Survival Acre

Eat Free for Life on One Acre of Land!

Yes, you read that right. Skeptical? The Author of this book did it for years.

Author Linda Runyon was raised during summers at Nirvana Lodge, a tourist camp owned by her grandparents. As an adult, returning to Indian Lake from the Jersey shore seemed the natural thing to do.  Homesteading in the Adirondack Mountains without modern conveniences, seeking wild foods, cooking outdoors & learning basic Native American ways became the beginning of A Survival Acre.

There are literally hundreds of plants to choose from when selecting food sources. However, the 50 Survival foods listed here seem to be the most prevalent, and are found naturally throughout the Adirondacks, the country & the world. A few are unique to the East or the West United States. These 50 plants form the basis of an "Environmentarian" diet, and are staple foods which nourish a body well and give great health. (An "Environmentarian" is one who eats from their environment.)

Linda has sold tens of thousands of these books. She was featured in People Magazine and has demonstrated her skills using wild foods on National TV. 52 pages long.

A great beginning primer for the Wild Food way, this book has enjoyed great success from its first publication in 1985.

Homestead Memories
Only $12.00

Homestead Memories

Tales from the Road Not Taken

What does it take to be a wilderness homesteader? Linda Runyon can tell you that it takes persistence, determination, survival skill, and a capacity for laughter at the caprice and foibles of man, beast and nature.

Linda's self-illustrated stories tell about her many years as a homesteader in the Adirondacks in her unique and entertaining style. Read about the time her hair stuck to the house wall in 20 degree below zero weather. Laugh at the one where she met a wild racoon in the teepee outhouse!

Linda tells of living off the land, foraging for wild food, camping in deep snow, dealing with insects, critters, and more while forsaking most modern conveniences. She learned as she went, sometimes the hard way -- all the while taking in the joy & peace that our "civilized" world has forgotten.

Take time out from today's hectic pace to contemplate the simple, yet profound rewards one may experience while living so close to nature.

Why Not LOVE?
Only $9.00

Why Not LOVE?
The book that started it all.
In the beginning of the saga, before the homesteading and the wild food, there was poetry. Ken Heitz was in a blue period of his life and began a process of spontaneously writing, for himself alone. He was working out what was important in life: the big questions.
At some point he shared his writings with Linda Runyon, and the rest was history. Ken and Linda were married and began a great adventure together.
They started their wild experience in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York in the early 1970s with the ideas & ideals at the core of this new book fixed firmly in their minds.
You may be wondering- "But if it's new, how could it be a part of their history??" True, the poems were written many years ago, and Ken & Linda always wanted to publish it. They even published excerpts of it in the form of 2 smaller works during the homestead years. But only now has the book they dreamed of come into being.
In the newsletters and on this site you have been treated to samples of Ken's work . We now offer this 112 page perfect bound book, Why Not LOVE?, illustrated by Linda.

Wild Foods & Animals Coloring Book
Only $6.75

Wild Foods and Animals Coloring Book

Get the kids involved. Get them learning about wild foods!

This big 8½" x 11" 24 page coloring book is aimed at the younger children. Only the safest wild edible foods are represented, along with an animal local to the plant's habitat. The 10 full page line drawings have been done by Linda herself, and are accompanied by simple descriptions of the plants, how they are used & their Latin names.

A thumbnail sketch of the opposite page is used to label the plants & animals.

The back cover can be cut up into flashcards so more identification games can be played! Lots of fun for the younger child. Saddle bound with heavy cover. 24 pages.

A Basic Middle Eastern Survival Guide
Only $12.00

A Basic Middle Eastern Survival Guide

The World's Hungry Are Walking On Their Food

As has been theorized, investigated, and proven true, "weeds" have been found growing wild in all countries and in most dirt spaces. This is not complicated; indeed, it is one of the most basic of the survival gifts of nature.

The idea of eating nature's natural abundance is reminiscent of Gandhi's intention that simple foods be planted in the yards of everyone. This is now an attainable goal thanks to increasing and reliable data sources, and planet-wide, modern media technology.

The ramifications of a free food source are staggering. Who would not appreciate delicious thistle soup, or a dandelion salad with additional flavorful wild greens, or breads made from amaranth flour (to name only one of the many types of flours potentially made from "weeds")? These life-saving, essentially free meals would be especially appreciated by anyone who has ever experienced slow starvation.

This concise yet powerful field guide book contains maps and an introduction specific to the Middle East. Included are plant identification, simple but flavorful recipes, and food additives named in Arabic and Kurdish dialect. But most importantly, it contains invaluable plant identification for that area, so that feeding the world nutritionally becomes a simple matter of that identification.

Such wild food education can and will eliminate world hunger in a way that is natural and most beneficial for the body and soul.