A Basic Middle Eastern Desert Survival Guide Price: $12.00

The World's Hungry Are Walking On Their Food

As has been theorized, investigated, and proven true, "weeds" have been found growing wild in all countries and in most dirt spaces. This is not complicated; indeed, it is one of the most basic of the survival gifts of nature.

The idea of eating nature's natural abundance is reminiscent of Gandhi's intention that simple foods be planted in the yards of everyone. This is now an attainable goal thanks to increasing and reliable data sources, and planet-wide, modern media technology.

The ramifications of a free food source are staggering. Who would not appreciate delicious thistle soup, or a dandelion salad with additional flavorful wild greens, or breads made from amaranth flour (to name only one of the many types of flours potentially made from "weeds")? These life-saving, essentially free meals would be especially appreciated by anyone who has ever experienced slow starvation.

This concise yet powerful field guide book contains maps and an introduction specific to the Middle East. Included are plant identification, simple but flavorful recipes, and food additives named in Arabic and Kurdish dialect. But most importantly, it contains invaluable plant identification for that area, so that feeding the world nutritionally becomes a simple matter of that identification.

Such wild food education can and will eliminate world hunger in a way that is natural and most beneficial for the body and soul.