The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide eBook Price: $10.00

There are advantages to owning the ebook even in addition to owning the hardcopy version. This is the most economical of Linda's offerings. Completely searchable with full color photographs of the various plants, there are special offers included. You can sign up for a printable Recipe Section so you may go and cook. There is also a reduced price offer made to upgrade to the hardcopy version after you get the recipe section (for eBook owners only!) The eBook is 5+ meg in size, PDF format & delivered by email. Also, the Table of Contents & bookmarks are hotlinked within the file. The entire suggested reading & bibliography is hotlinked to, where most of Linda's resources are still available . (See if you can find the freebie!)

This eBook is the key to the preparation of wild foods without the use of preservatives, extenders, invasive chemicals or factory processing. Formerly released as From Crabgrass Muffins to Pine Needle Tea, The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide is new & improved. It will become your valuable companion on the path to healthful living.

The majority of the plants are found in ALL 50 states, and, indeed, most of the world. A few are unique to the East or the West United States.

Linda Runyon's The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide is the "How-To" guide we have all been waiting for that identifies many varieties of edible wild foods. Her years of experience of homesteading without stores, electricity, and all other modern conveniences, brought about the creation of this ultimate wild food survival guide!

Besides being far less expensive, differences from the earlier edition include a larger, easier-to-read format, clearer improved graphics throughout and an expanded recipe section. The photographs of the wild foods are there to study in clear black & white. This is the edition we were hoping for all along.

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IMPORTANT: PRINTING IS DISABLED IN THIS EBOOK. Due to the hundreds of illustrations & graphics, either the file size would be huge or the print quality would be bad, so we have decided not to have it print. NO BEGGING OR WHINING, YOU HAVE BEEN ADEQUATELY WARNED! However, you will be offered a free printable recipe section, but that's it. If you want hardcopy for this ebook, please do NOT buy the ebook, but rather buy the book. If you want to take the ebook into the field, buy a laptop or put in on your portable phone/tablet. No printing rights will be given, so please don't ask. Thank you.

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It's a big illustrated eBook that's already 5 meg!

You can't print it out!