Eat the Trees! Price: $16.50

Learn to Eat the Trees!

Read what Linda has to say about this book.  It means so much to her, and we're sure it will come to mean the same to you if you venture on this path.

Linda Runyon "roughed it" in a homestead in the Adirondacks for many years, learning to depend on the land to provide her family's sustenance.  The very trees around her became at once a source of food, inspiration and other survival needs.

Let Linda show you this way of life through instruction and anecdote so that you, too, may find the sustenance you need from the trees.

Black & white Perfect Bound, 98 pages profusely illustrated.  Includes a study guide for greater certainty and confidence.

"Linda Runyon's book Eat the Trees! will become a wonderful asset to all survivalists and campers alike."

---Jean Selman, survivalist, wild food enthusiast

"Linda's writing style and her combination of story telling and instruction make Eat the Trees! a delightful read and a treasure of survival wisdom."

---Steve Arnold, forager, permaculture enthusiast

"I love that Linda has thought to extend the usefulness of this book's information by creating a study guide.  The educational potential of each chapter is maximized with additional studies of outside resources relating to that chapter's topic."

---Kendra Plummons, radio host, parent

"Linda has lit yet another 'wild fire' and I will never be the same.  Trees are such an amazing gift because they offer so much food all in one place!"

---Holly Drake, wild food consultant, forager & chef