“So You Want to Build a Solar Food Dehydrator” PDF course Price: $5.00

“So You Want to Build a Solar Food Dehydrator”  is a PDF course by Linda's son, Eric Conover.

This is our informative and highly entertaining pdf course on the ins and outs (and ups and downs, literally) of building a working solar food dehydrator. A number of videos are referenced which show some of the “do’s” and many of the “don’ts” of constructing an effective dehydrator.

Detailed graphs are included to show the specifics of air flow in and out, and the most effective way to construct a solar food dehydrator for maximum benefit.  

This item is already included with our Wild Food Homeschool Package and our current Whole Enchilada Package, but since you will need it for the Homeschool curriculum, we now offer it as a stand-alone item in case you did not alread get it.

14 pages, PDF via download / email

This item is sent as an email attachment or perhaps a digital download if things are working properly. :-|