Homestead Memories Price: $12.00

Tales from the Road Not Taken

What does it take to be a wilderness homesteader? Linda Runyon can tell you that it takes persistence, determination, survival skill, and a capacity for laughter at the caprice and foibles of man, beast and nature.

Linda's self-illustrated stories tell about her many years as a homesteader in the Adirondacks in her unique and entertaining style. Read about the time her hair stuck to the house wall in 20 degree below zero weather. Laugh at the one where she met a wild racoon in the teepee outhouse!

Linda tells of living off the land, foraging for wild food, camping in deep snow, dealing with insects, critters, and more while forsaking most modern conveniences. She learned as she went, sometimes the hard way -- all the while taking in the joy & peace that our "civilized" world has forgotten.

Take time out from today's hectic pace to contemplate the simple, yet profound rewards one may experience while living so close to nature.