Why Not LOVE? Price: $9.00

Finally, the book that started it all.

In the beginning of the saga, before the homesteading and the wild food, there was poetry. Ken Heitz was in a blue period of his life and began a process of spontaneously writing, for himself alone. He was working out what was important in life: the big questions.
At some point he shared his writings with Linda Runyon, and the rest was history. Ken and Linda were married and began a great adventure together.
They started their wild experience in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York in the early 1970s with the ideas & ideals at the core of this new book fixed firmly in their minds.
You may be wondering- "But if it's new, how could it be a part of their history??" True, the poems were written many years ago, and Ken & Linda always wanted to publish it. They even published excerpts of it in the form of 2 smaller works during the homestead years. But only now has the book they dreamed of come into being.
In the newsletters and on this site you have been treated to samples of Ken's work . We now offer this 112 page perfect bound book, Why Not LOVE?, illustrated by Linda.