OfTheField Affiliate Program



What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an awesome and easy way to make money.

It works like this-

  1. You sign up.
  2. You make special links using our software so that people who click these links go to our site, but our affiliate software is able to track them if they buy something from our product section.
  3. You put these links on your web site, your newsletter, in your regular forum posts, on your Face book page, Tweet to your friends, etc.
  4. When they follow the link and buy something, the amount of the sale is credited to you, and you earn 20% of it before shipping and any sales tax!
  5. At the end of the month, you receive your commissions in your Pay Pal account, or alternately, you receive a check from us by way of snail mail, automatically.

You are basically being paid to recommend and promote our products, and you are paid when you are effective.

Do I need to have a web site or blog to sign up?

It certainly helps if you have traffic to promote your links to, but it's not absolutely necessary. Some people participate in forums or online chat rooms, while others email to their list of friends or simply have an e-mail signature with a favorite link. So long as you aren't "spammy" about it and keep it classy, these are all acceptable means of promotion.

What if I'm planning to spam?

If this is the case, you are not welcome to participate in our affiliate program. We will be very strict about this, to the point of denying commissions if there are multiple complaints. This program is open to good netizens only, and we will police and protect our brand.

Can I track my progress?

You sure can, and you should. When you do something that's effective and gets results, you can take note of your success and do more of what works.

When do I get paid?

Short answer: when you sell something! We pay out monthly. There is no minimum commission, but there are a few scoundrels out there, so we've had to build in a few safetys. On of them is you need to make at least two sales to more than one person in more than one location. In a nutshell, if a person just wants a discount and only sells themselves, they won't get paid for that.

Can buy using my affiliate link?

Yes, but we hope that our new affiliates are already familiar with Linda Runyon's materials. One who knows the benefits of something can best spread the good news. That said, sure, you can enjoy the benefits of being an affiliate -- just don't be your only customer!

Is this something I have to claim on my income tax?

Yes. We will have to take your accurate Tax ID Number (if you are a business) or SSN when you sign up. It will be verified via an online service.

When you cross the $500 threshold the first time in a year, we will require completion of an IRS form W-9 before disbursing further payments, but we'll not bother with it until then.

If you earn more than $600 in a calendar year, we are legally required to file a 1099-MISC form with the IRS that names you as an independent contractor who has received a taxable amount of income from us.

If your earnings are under that amount, then it's entirely up to you to report your earnings, as we won't be sending a 1099 to you or the IRS.

What happens in the case of a chargeback or cancellation, e.g., the customer gets refunded --- what happens to my commission?

In such a circumstance, you lose your commission. There is a very good reason for this that we'll illustrate: What if you told them that the goose you're selling them would lay golden eggs and then they bought the goose and couldn't get it to lay golden eggs? They would probably ask for a refund, and they would get it.

Our products have an extremely good track record of people being satisfied with both the content and the quality of the products. (99+%) You are involved in selling some of the best materials out there, so you don't have to come up with outrageous claims. Good sales techniques with quality products yield sales that stick.

There are very occasional extenuating circumstances where we would refund something, so even if it was no fault of your own, let's be clear here: if the sale doesn't stick, neither does your commission. If we have already paid you, we'll deduct it from of your next month's commission.

How can I get in touch with you for help on my affiliate program?

We want affiliate marketers to be a self-starters, but if you've read and listened to everything and you're still stuck, email Eric at Affiliate@OfTheField.com.