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Wild Food Instructors & Authors
  • Dr. James Duke – Green Pharmacy–Dr. Duke is the source of Linda’s nutritional information. He’s a walking encyclopedia!
  • “Wildman” Steve Brill–A student of Linda’s from long ago and an excellent teacher. NYC area.
  • Christopher Nyerges is a West Coast expert and guide for survival trips, and a noted author
  • Wild Food Adventures–John Kallas and Linda have traveled the same wild food path for many years.  His periodicals are wonderful.
  • John Gallagher is an herbalist and teacher who runs two sites, learning and Herb
  • Doug Elliott is the Number 1 expert on the underground farm that is roots.  Check his website for  root information, and take a look at the delightful books from this Southern gentleman.
  • Holly Drake is one of Linda’s most prodigious students!  Find out about her wild adventures on her Wild Blessings website.
Schools & Camps
  • Hollowtop–gets you to Thomas J. Elpel’s Web World Portal, which contains a number of very valuable links.  You can click on the “SPT” teepee on that Home Page and get to the Society of Primitive Technology page.  Then click on the Schools tab and then 80+ Primitive Living & Nature Awareness Schools of N. A. to get to the list of living skills survival schools by state.
  • The Hawk Circle Wilderness Education website is one to visit for summer camps, youth programs,  making crafts, and great wilderness experiences and activities.
  • The Northeast Ohio Primitive Living and Wilderness Survival School is a very well-organized and dedicated school that covers all primitive interests.
  • Linda taught for years at the past site of Children Of The Earth.  They have moved to upstate New York, and Linda says it is the most worthwhile children’s survival school she knows.
  • Wilderness Awareness School offers any and all aspects of survival in a gentle way to all groups of people, young and elderly.  This is wilderness and Urban Survival Training And Foraging.
  • If you live in the midwest, Tom Laskowski’s Midwest Native Skills Institute is your answer to an intense and thorough training in survival skills.  Linda has known Tom for years and years.
  • Steve Case of is Linda’s good friend and is a very dedicated man to the principles we hold so dear.
  • Earthwalk Northwest offers programs focusing on earth awareness and primitive living skills, including primitive bow making, fire by friction, wild edibles, and much more.

Hope (Visions of Whitefeather)

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