We have changed the way we get our newsletter for most of the people on our list.  We had to update our software to keep our costs down (the short story,) but this has had the funky effect of stripping off the attachment from the email for folks who were already signed up.

We are letting the attachment stay in the email because it works for new signups as far as we can tell, but most of you will be following a link to the PDF and downloading it for safe keeping.  Much of our readership has no experience saving it this way, so here’s some instructions.  There are a lot of variables here.

If you have a web based email program, the link will open in a new page if your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) has a PDF plugin installed (shows the PDF in a browser window) and display it after downloading a copy.  The copy is on your computer at this point in the temporary files, but saving it is another thing.  If you just read it and close it, it goes away and you would have to download it again to read it again.  That’s expensive for us, so here’s what to do:

RIGHT CLICK the link in the email and choose “Save target as” or “Save link as” or “Save as” and tell it where to save and you are done!  The right click command varies by browser and computer type (Windows, Apple / Linux) but the effect is the same: You open a menu and save it.  Here’s a tutorial on some ways to right click for Mac folks.

Right Click & Save

If you were excited to get your newsletter and now it’s already open in your browser,  all is not lost.  A simple control / command + “S” will bring up a save dialog in most cases.

Alternately, you can also hover your mouse in the lower right of the window and see the Adobe Reader icons pop up and save it from there (the dialog still comes up.)

The save button that appears with the modern Adobe Reader browser plugin.


If your email program is not web-based:

  1. Click the link in the email (or copy it and paste it in a browser address bar if you get text-based email.)
  2. Follow the instructions above to save.

That’s it!  Enjoy The WILD TIMES newsletters.


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